Thursday, July 1, 2010

Part 6+ : Seremban's Reception capturezz

Here I attached some capturezz at Seremban's reception. Ya, still waiting other sources to put in the page...insyaAllah later on. At least I have something here for us to share the momentzz.

huhu...gamba wit my fmily i said, blm dapat sumber bros n sis, don't worry, nt gg cari lagi gambar2 baru ye..anyway, credit to my frenz, yang sudi amik all those lovely photozz..mrs pwincezz & I really appreciate it..


Cinda... said...

gg,lagi2 mane gambonye.. hihi.. so lovly.. ckp kat sofia, akak cakap dia -"awk comel sgt2!!"..

GG said...

mm...tggu gamba dr fotografer, lg bnyk, lagi cantik...hihi..once dh ade nt, gg tmbah ye..sofia mmg comel one & only pwincezz..tq on bhaf sofia..sure, i'l let her know..

Anonymous said...

ituler isteri awk?cantik & comel.putih diyer ye..