Wednesday, July 7, 2010

United want him??

Aku suke je bace bab2 nak beli player baru nihh!! hihi. I read via this morning, ya for now the rumours are really exist. Same goes to local newspaper "Utusan" that shows a group of players who's in the hot market.

Aha! Talks bout my beloved Manchester United, which oredy has 2 new devils, Chris Smalling (English, defender) and 'Chicarito' Hernandez (Mexican, forward), now Sir Fergie is determine to get Mr. Sneijder from Inter Milan!! memang menarikk ni!!

This mission will cost United bout 35 mil pound. Pergh, cube tukar RM?? Ya, I think is good move for Unitef IF?? it becomes a reality! for me as a fan believe that he'll bring a great impact to our team (team kite ye tak..yesh!!its my team!!) for next season. Dah score 4 gol skang ni beb.
Just wait & see guyzz...wait & see...


Mrs Sayang said...

asyik cheboookkk je ngn bola dia 2...hihihi...xhabis2 bola ye...spe penting?/sayang ke bola??hahaha

Mr Hubby said... dh kna sound ngn mrs pwincezz!! mmuahhh...of coz sayang paaaaling penting!!