Thursday, July 8, 2010

Viva Espana!!

Halamak!! memang simply superb terbaeeekk la! Team Spain goin' thru to the Final World Cup for the 1st time in history. Even aku bersorak dalam mimpi pagi tadi, I know that Spain deserved to win the battle.

Aku sempat tengok game 2nd Semi Final between Spain & Germany in the 1st 45 minutes. Betul adek aku ckp, now Spain dah main 'ala Samba' mcm Brazil. U know wat?? Since the statistics began in 1966, Spain being the 3rd team that completed '3000 passes' in one competition (means in one WC), after Brazil & Netherlands. Impressive ha?

Pagi tadi, seriusly mengantuk, can't help myself to keep my eyes open..huhu...rugi gak rasenye, tapi xpe, malam nanti ade ulangan. Yes!! What eva it is, La Roja finally kicked out Germany from their..mmm..bolehla katekan 'lucky run' (haha) in this WC. I've to admit one thing, their young gunzz was very impressive la, and maybe England shud take this as a good example to rebuild the team.

I assume that we gonna have a tremendous final match soon between Spain & Netherlands. Early prediction?? I choose Spain to win their 1st World Cup title ever in South Africa!! Waka waka!!
Adek?Bg'g nk pinjam jersey Spain...hihi...

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Mrs Zz said...

bowinkkkk!!! owez stowy bout BOLA...boooo dia boo dia..hihihi...sayang bored la hubby...