Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Salam Sayang...when I heard this song, ya..I think this version, sang by Danny Gokey, gimme something...ya something that makes me sense of appreciating the person that I really love by wordzz, which is I can't wait to let u know how deep is my love for you. May I let all those wordzz 'says' and make u understand...u are my, Endless Love.

My love,
There's only you in my life
The only thing that's bright
My first love,
You're every breath that I take
You're every step I make
And I,
I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do
And your eyes,
You mean the world to me
Yes, you will always be
My endless love
Two hearts,
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun
I'll hold you close in my arms
I can't resist your charms
And love,
I'll be that fool or you
I'm sure you know I don't mind
'Cause you,
You mean the world to me
I know I've found in you
My endless love
And love,
I'll be that fool for you
I'm sure you know I don't mind

'Cause u, You'll be the only one
And NO one can deny
This love I have inside
And I'll give it all to you
My love, My love, My love

My endless love

Credits to Adi & Danny Gokey

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Mrs Sayang said...

Salam Hubby,
huhu terharunye...tankz so much Hubby...sayang xpenah jmpe sum1 lyk Hubby..Hubby yg terbaik Allah bg kat sayang...Hubby, Sayang bahagia bersama Hubby...ur SO LUVLY...muahhhhhh