Friday, July 9, 2010

Beware of us

Last 3 months, training session has started well in terms of preparation for this year 'Kejohanan Sukan antara MITI & Agensi". As part of football & futsal team, I realize that a lot of things have to be done before everythings begin.

Bila mengenang kembali kisah2 lepas, especially last year la (2009)..huhu sgt sedih. Aku & team bring along d way d title as a defending 1st runner-up for football, but then?? we cant even reach 2nd round pun. Its one of the hardest part that we have to take...that was last year la..
But last 2 years (2008), there's other story behind it. hihi. I've enjoyed my 1st year as a Matrade player, and clinch the title as per above said, even just 1st runner-up but for me, its a satisfaction!!! Ape yang 'behind story'nye tu??mm..mase tu la aku ade ternampak sorang gadis comel, putih, n mcm cina ni. She's one of Matrade 'die hard fan' rupenye. Sambil berbalas senyuman, selalu berselisih bila berjalan, hihi...that's d 1st time we stare n smile to each other..and until now? we still can doin' d same thing...u know why? coz she's my wife...

For futsal, ya...last year adalah tahun pertama ia dipertandingkan. Sume org suke bile ade futsal. Ya, my team was fully attending an intensive trainings, we r ready & confident to compete wit others. Alhamdulillah, we won d 3rd place. We oredy has our own mark and insyaAllah, this year we will target more than that...we aim least, we get higher that wat we've got before. No option guyzz, whether 2nd or Champion. Of coz we wanna be a Champion!!

My wife pun main futsal jugak last year...her team lagi impressive, even most of her team members, including her has played futsal in very 1st time, they still able to clinch 4th place (credit to coach Amir). They have spirits! together wit their tagline..."ape yang penting??KERJASAMA!!". This year, they will bring the new spirit. I really hope, there will show their very best shot and always remember, playing futsal is bout having fun while at the same time can build a great relationship among them. GO FIGHT WIN guyzz!

Untuk my pwincezz mata bulat, even sayang xmain kali ni, semangat sayang masih ada bersama mereka. U have a good reason utk berehat kali ni, insyaAllah klu masih ade peluang & rezki nt, sayang blh join balik futsal ni..hihi. ok??

For us once again, GO FIGHT WIN!!
Be ware of us, coz we r the champion!! (agak garang & confident tagline tahun ni, tapi ya! aku yakin! kami yakin!!). Good luck sume...

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