Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yay yay!! dah kuar!!

Waka waka! Walawe!! finally today!! My beloved United new jersey unveiled!! since last week, I've been waiting for this moment, aha! today?? yesh yesh! dah kuar dah.. cantik cantik! I likeee!! Yang penting it was red, it was united kit, it was superb!! Who are interested, kindly visit

I never miss to have a United shirt since I realize that there's a lot of sources to have it. hihi. Sources means, money, shops...ya, lebih kurang camtula. Season change, jersey change, but my loyalty to Manchester United never be doubted.

I do have collections of United shirts since 1999 until now. From umbro to nike (I hope nike will be last forever,hihi), its a must for me to buy it! Style kan gi jalan2 pakai jersey MU, tengok game pun same, baru besh!!

At d beginning, my pwincezz mata bulat pening gak dengan hobby aku yang obses dengan team & jersey MU ni, but lame2, once dia pun dh terjebak ke alam 'glory2 united' ni, dia pun dah naik syok, n faham aku..hihi. Iye, coz its not only me, but my whole family!! She oredy mention bout new EPL season that will be coming soon...just wait & see d aura!!

Sayang, is it nice sayang? nanti kte beli jersey baru MU ni same2 ye. Baru best!!

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